Adult Catechism Series

The Catholic Faith in its Beauty and Fullness

We will continue our study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on April 3rd with a presentation on “The 4th -10th Commandments.”

In this session, we will address:

  • God makes His own trinitarian communion shine forth in the relationships between members of the family
  • God made every person in His own image and likeness
  • The love of husband and wife in marriage is an icon of the total, faithful, and self-giving love between Christ and the Church
  • Every good thing comes to us as a gift from our Heavenly Father, Who cares for our needs
  • God, Who is truth, made our minds to know truth and gave us power of speech so that we have the capability of sharing truth with others.

Each class is presented in Kavanaugh Hall from 10:15-11:45, beginning immediately following the conclusion of the 9:00 Mass. Bring your Bibles and look forward to growing closer to our faith and our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Upcoming classes:

  • The Social Teaching of the Church April 24th
  • Prayer as Gift: The Wellsprings of Prayer May 1st
  • Prayer as Covenant: The Revelation of Prayer
  • May 8th Prayer as Communion: The Life of Prayer May 22nd
  • The Our Father June 5th