Parish Life Center Expansion

We are expanding the Parish Life Center!

This addition to the South (front) of the Parish Life Center will include new offices for the Pastor, Parish Office Manager, and Parish Bookkeeper, along with a conference room, records room, and additional workspace for parish employees. It will also fulfill the Archdiocese’s request for priests’ residence to be separate from Parish Offices. It will also unite all the Parish offices in one building , increasing staff availability and efficiency. We hope to begin the expansion in the spring of 2022.

The total cost of the addition will be $300,000, with $182,333 pledged already. We need your support to complete this important project!

A generous donor has pledged a matching grant up to $30,000. That means the next $30,000 that is donated will be doubled. So far, $8,000 has been matched, leaving $22,000 left to match for the project.

You can view a floor plan below.

Building Addition Floor Plan