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Important tax information for parents:
As we approach the tax filing season, I wanted to inform our families that the State of Indiana has added a tax deduction of up to $1,000 per child for expenses paid to a private elementary or high school for the education of your dependent child.  You may qualify for this deduction.  Your dependent child(ren) must have been enrolled in a private school for at least 180 days of the 2011 calendar year.
You will enter this deduction on your Indiana 2011 IT40, Schedule 2, Line 11.  In the "Enter Deduction Name" box, enter the school name and state DOE ID number.  For St. Michael - St. Gabriel, please enter: "St. Michael – St Gabriel The Archangels Elementary School C650" followed by code 626. 
For those with children in more than one school, each private school will have a unique ID number (i.e. C650) provided by each school.  The code (626) will always be the same.
This deduction is only for Indiana state tax returns.  Currently there is no deduction for private school tuition grades K-12 on the federal level.